Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean different types of outdoor surfaces. This type of cleaning is done with pressure washers which are one of the most popular cleaning machines offering quick and efficient results.

There is a popular debate in the cleaning industry about which cleaning equipment brings the most effective results – gas or electric pressure washing machines? The answer to this question depends on many factors. They are mainly what types of surfaces you want to clean, how dirty they are and also what is your budget.

Here in this article we will explain to you the top advantages and disadvantages of each type of pressure washing machine.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Pros and cons of gas pressure washers

High power

There is no wonder that gas pressure washers are a preferred choice of cleaning equipment for professional cleaners. They offer high cleaning power that will help you clean even the most stubborn types of dirt, which are difficult for cleaning with the standard cleaning methods.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

On the market you can find electric pressure washers which offer up to 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch). 

Thanks to this and the fact that they usually come with different attachments that increase their power, there is hardly any cleaning task electric pressure washers won’t handle. Therefore, gas pressure washers allow you to clean efficiently large spaces in a minimal amount of time. 

Easy use

Gas pressure washers are considerably easy to maintain. To clean with a gas pressure washer you don’t need to use a detergent. Unlike electric pressure washers these cleaning machines can work only with hot water without the use of chemicals to complete different cleaning tasks. 


Gas pressure washers are usually heavy but thanks to the fact that they are equipped with wheels, they can be easily moved from one spot to another. This really helps when you need to clean large spaces or spots that are covered with really stubborn dirt.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Long life

Gas-powered pressure washing machines usually last longer and need fewer repairs compared to electric pressure washers. However, you may still need to perform some routine maintenance in order to keep your gas powered pressure washer in a good condition and prolong its life.


Gas pressure washers can produce a lot of noise while cleaning with them, so this may not be a suitable option for every property owner.

High price

Big downside of gas pressure washers is the fact that they are more expensive than electric pressure washers. High-end gas powered pressure washers come at a price of around 379$. So, if you really want to get some serious results in your cleaning tasks, you should get a gas pressure washer.

Pros and cons of electric pressure washers


Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Electric pressure washers have a lightweight design and they are suitable for light-duty cleaning tasks. These cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning different surfaces and objects around your home that have a little to moderate amount of dirt. 

These are :

  • patios 
  • decks 
  • walkways 
  • facades 
  • concrete 
  • cars 
  • bikes 
  • barbeque grills 
  • pools and etc. 

One of the main advantages of electric pressure washers is that they offer enough power to clean outdoor areas that are really dirty,  but they don’t cause damage at the same time.

This makes them perfect for surfaces that can be easily damaged under high water pressure such as wood siding, asphalt shingles, flaking paint, glass, gutters, light fixtures or any other type of loose material. 

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Low maintenance 

The fact that electric pressure washers don’t require charging with gas or oil or frequent changes of parts makes them a perfect choice for every household. Besides, the price of these pressure washers is usually lower than the other types of pressure washing machines.

Short life

Despite their benefits, electric pressure washers usually don’t last as long as gas pressure washers do. Which means you may need to invest in a new pressure washing machine every couple of years.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Lack of portability

Another disadvantage of electric pressure washers is that their power cords aren’t too long. This makes them unsuitable for pressure washing spaces that are located far away from your property, where the main power supply source is. 

So, one option is to use your electric pressure washer without a power cord or find a power supply source that is close to the area you want to clean. 

Not suitable for all dirt

If you often need to clean things that are stubborn for cleaning such as glue, mildew, gum or tree sap, then the use of an electric pressure washer may not bring you the results you want.


If you need to clean large outdoor areas of different types that require some heavy-duty cleaning,  then a gas pressure washer seems to be the best choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you want a pressure washing machine that is easy to deal with and you can use it for cleaning things that are prone to damage, then an electric pressure is suitable for you.

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