Does dirt actually damage windows?

Windows are an inseparable part of any home or office. Crystal clear windows are always appealing to the eye and give any building an aesthetic appearance. No matter if you are a business or home property owner, it’s advisable for you to make sure your windows are often cleaned.

It’s recommended to clean your window at least once per year and you can do it twice, if you want them to be more clean.

Consistent window cleaning it’s an important task that is part of a building’s proper maintenance. It prolongs the life of your windows and protects them from long-term damage

And it can also prevent further damage for your property’s structure. Besides all that, properly cleaned windows can bring benefits to your business.

It’s true that accumulated dirt debris can be harmful to your glass windows. That is why cleaning your windows on the outside is very important, if you want to keep your property in a good condition.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Why dirt can be harmful for window glass?

It’s a fact that dirt and grime debris can create damage for window glass in many ways.  Window glass has a porous surface that has the ability to absorb different elements from the environment. As a result the window glass becomes more prone to damage.

When left uncleaned for a long time dirt and grime have the ability to wear down the window glass over time. One of the reasons why some of us delay the window cleaning task is the fact that the windows of high-rise buildings are difficult for cleaning.

Replacement windows installed into structural window frames cost between $300 and $1000 which is the price for a single window while new construction windows without structural framing can cost  $600 to $2000 per window. This should be a good reason to consider investing in effective window cleaning.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

As a result of dirt stains window glass can become permanently damaged both on the inside and out. That is why experts recommend us to clean the exterior of our windows at least twice per year. Besides the windows, it’s also necessary to clean the window sills, frames, sills, tracks, screens.

Remember that the cleaning technique and cleaning products should be chosen according to the type of windows you have. Some windows can be cleaned more easily than others but the type of the cleaning product you use also plays an important role. Improper cleaning products for your window glass can do more harm than good, so pick them carefully.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Reasons why regular window cleaning is important

Prolongs the life of your windows

Regular window cleaning may seem as a tedious job but it can save you money in the long run. Window replacement is not cheap and the best way to prevent it is to clean your windows regularly and properly.

As you know windows are constantly exposed to the influence of the environment. Things like dirt, rust, salt water spray during winter, oxidation, minerals and airborne pollutants get stuck on the surface of window glass and slowly break it down.

It’s important to know that windows need cleaning after a rainy or a snowy season. Rain carries dust and dirt particles that get stuck on the windows. The frequency of window cleaning depends on the location of the building and the climate of the region.  

Does dirt actually damage windows?

For example, if the property is located in a dirty and dry environment or the climate includes high winds or frequent rains and snows, the windows will need more frequent cleaning. This also counts for properties that are located close to dirt or gravel roads, busy highways, construction sites or production facilities. 

The windows of such properties are a constant object to different types of dirt – road dust, sand, soot, concrete dust, airborne soil, powdery production substances. These pollutants become airborne and get stuck on your property’s windows. 

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Less damage for window glass

When different dirt substances are left to stay on the surface of the glass for a long time, they weaken the glass and make it more prone to breaking. Stuck dirt debris leads to glass discoloration and it causes  permanent damage on the window glass. Dirt particles can also change the opacity of the glass. This means that the windows will appear dirty even after you have cleaned them.

Dirt accumulates over time on the windows, frames and sills and when it’s not cleaned on time, it can work its way down in the border between the glass and window frame. This leads to damage to seals in double pane windows. 

Hazing and visible discoloration occurs as a result of the moisture between the panes. The best way to prevent this is to apply regular window cleaning.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Lack of regular window cleaning also causes damage to the seals around the window’s frame. Consequently the damaged frame leads to fogging, air leaks, condensation. These issues not only have a negative impact on your electricity bill but they also enhance the development of mold.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Increases curb appeal

Whether you are trying to sell your house or you are trying to lease it, you need to know that well-cleaned windows make a huge difference. Keeping your property in a good condition all year round is important. 

As part of the maintenance routine for every type of property regular window cleaning also increases the property’s curb appeal.

Dirt and grime build-up on windows can make any building appear more older and deteriorated, even if you are making an effort in keeping the interior well-cleaned.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Introduces natural light

Everyone will agree that properly cleaned windows not only improve your view, but they also make your home or office more bright.  Dirt debris on a window surface blocks sunlight which in turn results in  dark and gloomy rooms. Therefore, well-cleaned windows not only make our property more appealing but they also have a positive influence on our well-being. 

Saves your energy bill 

This may seem surprising but in fact, lack of regular window cleaning increases your expenses for heating your property. This happens especially during the winter season. 

When there is dirt debris accumulated on your windows, it doesn’t allow the sunlight to go inside the property and warm the space. The change of temperature can be insignificant, but at the end of the season you won’t get a large heating bill.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

One of the ways to have perfectly cleaned windows all year round is to trust a professional cleaning company. Those of you who have never used the services of professional cleaners may consider them as an expensive alternative option. 

But when compared to having your windows replaced, cleaning them on your own or skipping to clean them altogether can be more expensive than hiring window cleaning professionals. The best way to ensure that your windows are perfectly cleaned and protect your window glass from damage is to get help from a professional cleaning company.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Why is it worth getting help from a professional cleaning company?


In most cases it’s better to get help from professional window cleaners rather than trying to clean your windows by yourself. 

That’s because some property owners who try to clean their exterior windows without professional assistance don’t use window cleaning products properly or use incorrect window cleaning techniques. Both of these cases can leave windows even dirtier than before cleaning. 

They either use a large amount of detergent, use the wrong detergent or don’t rinse properly the entire amount of cleaning product from the window glass after the cleaning is done. 

As a result a chemical residue from the cleaning product is left on the window glass. Because it’s sticky it attracts dirt and dust that gets stuck on the window glass.

Professional window cleaners  with rich experience provide you with an efficient window cleaning. You should know that the result of a window cleaning project depends on the used cleaning tools and products as well as the experience and knowledge of the workers. This means that you should search for a window cleaning company  experienced in a wide range of cleaning services.


Using the services of professional cleaners will save you the risk of standing at great heights trying to clean your windows, especially if your property is high-rise.

Time saving

It’s true that hiring professional window cleaners to do the job for you will save you valuable time. Professional window cleaning companies use specialized commercial cleaning equipment in their work. This enables them to complete any window cleaning project in a quick and efficient way.

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